Beyond Pawception 21 by Stampy

Beyond Pawception 21


22 November 2015 at 14:57:18 MST

"Hah! So this is where the all-powerful Gods and Goddesses hang out? Seems cramped to me! But then again, I'm not a scrawny little bunch of shrimps like you all, now am I? Just a shame my little brother couldn't see how much BIGGER I am than a bunch of measly little mere Gods and their tiny crumbly Pantheons, but at least he has a good reason- after all, I didn't get this big all on my own! My dear sweet little brother got himself volunteered by me for a size exchange- the more he shrinks, the more I grow. I wasn't quite expecting him to shrink SO MUCH that I'd grow THIS big, but hey, I won't complain! I'm just impressed that he's still shrinking FASTER by the second, ha ha ha!"

Stretching out, Vinca giggled as a quick wriggle of her toes utterly thrashed the massive Pantheon she'd chosen as a toerest, and pinned the scrawny goddess she'd seen there flat. She rewarded herself for her accomplishment by taking another deep gulp of size, drawing from the apparently limitless depths of nothingness her brother was dwindling down through and using it to grow twice, thrice, quadruple her size in a single instant. She really didn't need to at this point- it was way too late to try to stop the endless flow of bigness pumping a perpetual and ever-accelerating infinity of growth into her waiting and eager body. But why would she want to stop? On the contrary, every new surge just made her want more. So much more. So. Much. More.

Even just thinking about it was enough, now- her momentary salivating over her growth had started a powerful surge that just kept on going and going and going, ripping more and more from her brother without even trying. She could hear the frail little Pantheon she'd shoved into her cleavage cracking and crumbling and compacting, like mere trash. But, to Vinca, wasn't it? Nothing more than a few pathetic gods and goddesses. Helpless debris to lose between her paws, lost and forgotten. And if she wanted to really rub it in? Why, it was as simple as drinking down a long, wonderful sip of height stolen from her brother…

… And exploding several times bigger. Dozens of times bigger. Hundreds of times bigger…

The vixen's triumphant laughter filled the cosmos in terrifying waves, followed quickly by her exponentially growing body. There was a new power looming over the Gods themselves, and it was only just getting started...

Writeup by VDOplus

So it looks like the pantheon-crushing Paw belongs to no other than Vinca, and is is RATHER smug about the whole situation! Bigger than absolutely every mortal, billions of universes, uncountable gods and their pantheons alike! Growing bigger and bigger and bigger, as Artie gets smaller and smaller, faster and faster all the time!

And for all those who suggested it might loop back to Artie? Well we looped around to Artie's sister! So I guess that's fairly close!

Kepi Masika belongs to VDOplus
Vinca belongs to Artie

Commissioned by Artie