Beyond Pawception 11/12 by Stampy

Beyond Pawception 11/12


11 November 2015 at 17:17:04 MST

"Eleve? Eleve, where did you go?" August squinted as she peered around, not seeing anything in the dark void. She curled her toes in frustration, ignoring the sudden flood of messages from the chat about everything suddenly shaking- she was too busy trying to find the blasted planet! "Why does Erika even play these silly games? They don't make any sense! Who'd even want to see us Araltians bigger than normal? Oh well. Too late now to tell her no, I suppose. At least it keeps her from doing it to actual planets."

The Flareon idly scratched at her pawpads with her other paw, feeling a faint sensation down on a toepad. That tended to happen in these VR games, sometimes. Triggering faint sensations that vanished quickly, phantom touches that represented a quirk of coding or equipment which hadn't been entirely ironed out yet. Nothing to worry about. Besides, it was probably better than actually being in-game right now, what with how much everyone was complaining about the game world getting strangely wobbly. August had never heard of that before, but she almost never played these silly games, so she wasn't too surprised.

"... Hm. Normally I'd be spawned in by now. Why is worldgen taking so long for me? And why is everything so yellow? This is getting-..."

Writeup by VDOplus

And it seems that Eleve's finally found out where she is in the game! On a vast and endless pawscape belonging to an impossibly gigantic flareon! I really like how this pawscape turned out. If you look carefully you can even make out the back most claws, obscured by how far they are away in space. August is a LOT bigger than Eleve is here!

August and Eleve belong to myself

Commissioned by Artie