Beyond Pawception 10/12 by Stampy

Beyond Pawception 10/12


10 November 2015 at 17:43:26 MST

"Oh dear… How on Araltys did I get talked into joining this crazy game, again? I don't even know how to play! All I did was spawn in, and just stumble backwards before outright falling over. Now I don't even know where the ground is! Ugh, and the chat's no use, it's just other players babbling about whoever 'Izzy' is and a bunch of nonsense about… The sky… Filling with cream…?"

Feeling an icy chill run down her back, Eleve brought up the game map. She could see Araltys, covered in her classmates and friends, all of them nonsensically massive. Was that-? Goodness! Ysolde was crazily gigantic beyond absurdity! She'd just crushed the entire Northern gravlift under a single paw! This… This was insane! No wonder she was lost, she'd probably fallen into someone's fur strands!

"... Wait."

Eleve panned the map. A solid wall of cream-yellow covered a third of Araltys' surface.

"... What…?"

She zoomed out. Then zoomed out further. Then further again. A few more zooms later, and her home planet's sun, Aerylius, was visible against the same yellow wall.

"It… It can't… That's…"

Grabbing the zoom control, Eleve dragged the view out, her heart beating faster and faster as the yellow wall was revealed as a tapering cone, as more just like it came into view, as a fleshy black surface was revealed behind it, as a familiar green claw started to appear...

Eleve whimpered, nervously clenching her toes-

The view shifted wildly, endless yellow strands and green tower swishing through space. Aerylius was brushed by one of the smallest strands. It instantly vanished to nothingness.

"Hey!" Instantly, Eleve's HUD filled with angry and confused complaints from the other players. "Everything’s gone dark! This game sucks, it’s glitching out!"

"O-Oh, no…" Eleve nervously glanced to the side at her score. Yep. That was a big number, all right. A very big, very growing number...

Writeup by VDOplus

Wait.. we're in a game now? When did that happen? Oh well! part 10 and we're greeted by Eleve's gigantic paws and her great big cork platforms. But hey, at least Izzy found an amazing climbing wall... and if she keeps going she's about to find Araltys! And even though Izzy's a bit smaller than Eleve here, Araltys and it's star would VERY easily be lost between her toes or in her boots!

Eleve belongs to myself
Izzy belongs to VDOplus

Commissioned by artie