Beyond Pawception 7/12 by Stampy

Beyond Pawception 7/12


7 November 2015 at 16:21:05 MST

The child has proven herself a better host than I first suspected. So rebellious, so independent… And yet, so potent.

All the child's struggles to resist our mastery had given me doubts. So determined, so meek… And yet, so subservient.

"No… N-No! Stop it, give me back my body!"

YOUR body? There is no body to 'return.' You are merely our vessel, child. Your purpose is to serve us.

And you serve us well. Especially now, when we barely need to think to manipulate your vast physical form. Such a good, obedient puppet… A shame the child within dares dream of questioning us, but she is easily ignored.

"P-Please…" Sasha knew she would be crying if she had the control to do so. She'd be bawling her eyes out, if only she could muster enough power-

Would that silence your incessant whining? If we allowed you to cry? We are busy with more important matters here, and if tears are all that we need to calm you, that sounds like an acceptable trade.

I would prefer not to. A grin, perhaps. Or a snarl. But tears are a show of weakness, not strength. Still, I could be persuaded, in exchange for your full cooperation.

"No! That's not what I meant! I want to have my own body back, I want-"

Sasha's flowing ropes of bichromatic hair swirled angrily around her, tremendous tendrils tightly gripping her body. Lengths of white and black stretching dozens of times her own celestial size coiled along her limbs like furious constrictors. She could see planets, moons, and teramacros trapped within the mighty, undulating strands as they stretched longer and longer without end.

IT IS NO LONGER YOUR BODY TO CONTROL, CHILD. You have let our gifts languish within you, wasted and forgotten.

Our combined strength in one host, and that host was too young and foolish to unleash even a fraction of our glory. Never again.

Sasha silently gasped as her muscles contracted and flexed involuntarily. Her toes clasped her home planet like a bit of debris, pads sinking through the surface and into the comfortably warm magma beneath. "WAIT! The planet-"

-is a toy. Insignificant. Even our toes outsize it. Our toes! Doesn't that excite you? This useless world and the feeble insects on it are mere dust beneath our paws, and yet still we grow! Bigger, and bigger, and bigger…! MORE!

It crumbles like rubble in our grasp, like the frail and unworthy thing it is. With a single squeeze of hair, we can slash a moon in halves. The beings of this world tremble under us as their very footing collapses from our weight, and our strength still surges! Stronger, and stronger, and stronger…! FOREVER!

As the voices in her head roared their triumph, Sasha felt her paws curl again. One of her toeclaws lanced into the crust of the world, spearing through without resistance and slicing the last remaining semi-complete continent in twain. "B-But- our home- but-"

And yet, the best part?

The greatest joy of this?

"That we're now in full control," Sasha mumbled- entirely without any intention or attempt. "We are free to do what YOU were never willing to, and take our rightful place." With every word, the Eevee felt herself falling deeper and deeper into fearful despair. "We are the master. And we have taken all the power we could ever dream… And shall still demand more. Now then, child, watch. Watch and see exactly what our power and size shall do to this, and all of creation…"

Writeup by VDOplus

Seven parts in and we've definitely ran out of planet! Sasha's having quite the nightmare, arguing with the spirits in her head as they control her hair, grabbing anything and everything in the vicinity, growing wildly out of control. Monica there looks like she's having a bit of a rough time, but she'll manage just fine, she's a tough gal. Hopefully everyone prior to her in the list is just as tough! ....and everyone else on the planet...

Sasha (and the voices in her head) belong to myself.
Monica belongs to VDOplus
Flash and Glacier belong to PyreEntei

Commissioned by Artie