Beyond Pawception 6/12 by Stampy

Beyond Pawception 6/12


6 November 2015 at 17:36:02 MST

"You! You there, the Entei! Excuse me, could I have a few dozen moments of your time? I'm trying to find my way to a city called Gothsburg to conduct a bit of business for a client there. I don't suppose I could talk you into trying to help me locate it? According to my map, it looks sort of like an off-angled bucket, when viewed from our height. Have you seen anything that looks like-"


"There we go! Finally, I was starting to think I'd NEVER find a planet big enough to sit down on at this size… Hm? Oh! Whoops, sorry about that, heh. My bad! I'm better at being big than I am at looking where I plonk down my huge thick paws, these days. You two okay down there? Awesome. Don't worry, I'll be up and swimming in space again soon enough, just enjoy my cozy toes until then. Good thing I didn't try to land chest first. huh?"

Writeup by VDOplus

And there goes the entire continent! Monica is one great big busty floatzel, and she's taking up most of the entire continent! A few of the smaller gigamacros seem to have found their way underpaw too, along with everyone else found earlier in the sequence.

Monica, Elizabeth belong to VDOplus
Marchdragon belong to  marchdragon
Pyre belongs to PyreEntei

Commissioned by  Artie