A Bad Day To Be A Planet by Stampy

A Bad Day To Be A Planet


10 September 2015 at 08:40:27 MDT

Erika smiled a large and toothy grin as she descended upon the tiny planet.

"Well ain't you just a pretty little thing?", the young Araltian teased as she moved her hand through the planet's warm atmosphere to caress the sphere with her powerful claws, leaving a trail that scraped straight through the world's mountains, hills, valleys, crust and deep into the mantle.

Scanning the planet for life would add the planet to the Araltian knowledge banks - and this was her corner of uncharted space, so she would never dream of letting other Araltians know she was out here. Still! It looked kinda empty. She couldn't see any cities or other signs of life, so it must be empty right?

Well probably.


And so, Erika claimed it as her own. She needed a new planet, she'd already been through THREE this morning and it wasn't even lunch time yet. Ah well, hopefully this beautiful little orb would keep her entertained for a few minutes at least... It was indeed a bad day to be a planet.

I decided to colour this one pretty much straight after sketching it, to prove to myself that coloured pictures needn't take long. And then I ended up stalling on it for about a week anyway.

I don't think It actually took that long in the end.


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    Wish she would do it to planets with no life. :/

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      This one probably has no life. She did check... just not thoroughly.