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[center]I'm a petitely precious girl who loves to draw, write and listen to music. May incidentally be a bunny. (Current timezone is KST)


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Art Dump

So, since I haven't been able to actually teach (my job), I've been drawing instead...BUT I haven't posted, so I'm currently trying to post everything (hence why I've posted several things of Issac today).

Why haven't I posted? Well, first reason is I'm lazy about posting to be honest. Second is my external hard drive where I keep my files crashed on me a couple of weeks ago (luckily I had my saved artworks in another place as well) and it took me a week to recover data and make extra backups.

Usually my reason is although I sketch I don't usually take the time or energy to color my sketches when I'm teaching (kids are like little energy vampires, I swear). Not that I dislike my job--man when they get a concept I feel so accomplished with them, plus I get to have them do games so that's fun to see them get real into it (I'm an ESL teacher).

Currently though classes are on hold and I've had all the time in the world to watch movies and shows, draw, write, read and play games. Who knew a pandemic would allow me to be more productive for my creative side. Probably one of the only good points about it.

Anyway, look forward to more art (and probably more Issac).

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    You have wonderful art, I hope you get truly noticed for it c: