Ruins by SR_Weasel_DET (critique requested)

Ruins (critique requested)


6 March 2019 at 09:45:25 MST


What was once the a peaceful town, full of life and memories, has now become a dead empty shell, full dilapidated houses, overgrown vines, warped roadways and no sign of activity in decades. The village once prospered until the early 70’s when a earthquake of 7.6 hit. The damage was catastrophic as well as many casualties. The remaining survivors just simply left the place, not even bothering to rebuild the town and what happened to the survivors is a complete mystery.

As of current times, the town remains completely forgotten as the roads leading to it have been destroyed. Vines cover a majority of the buildings, bushes and grass have grown five times their original size and concrete walkways have crumbled into stone pathways. As night fell, a strange creature made its way through the ruins. The creature appears to be some form of dragon with a skull for a face, bones coming out from the sides and a distinctive blue glowing eyes. The dragon stopped in an alleyway to look around for a bit with a bit of an uninterested look. “This place is a major dump...” It thought.


(I was oringinay gooint to post this in april, but coudn't wait)

I had remember doing a sketch of this character for someone on instagram a long time ago. As of now, their account has apparantly been deleted so I have literaly no Idea who own's this oc as of now. I'd figure it would be a great subjet to try some lineles art. I ran into a few problems while doing this though. One major bit was the lining. I had to do a bunch of diffrent layes so I don't messup the shading layer. Then there was the scaning procses of the origninal sketch, which required me to reline 75% of the drawing in darker pencil. Anyways this came out wonderful in my opinion and I hope to try something like this again soon. 

Anyways, feel free to comment, critique, whatever else you do. And faves are appreciated!
Art by yours truly,  SR_Weasel_DET

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    Hey!! That's Memento Mori, @skullcritter on Twitter

    lmao I made an account just to tell ya that

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      Oh ok! Didn't you have an instagram at one point because I did the sketch as a request over a year ago on my previous account before I deleted it.

      Also, where did you find me besides here?