Hello and welcome to my page!

The first half of my username is derived from the 2 liter turbocharged SR20DET Engine found in Nissan vehicles such as the Nissan Silvia and 180SX while the second half refers to a character from The Animals of Farthingwood.

As you can tell from that little blabber above, I’m a car nut lol. I all sorts of cars but my main interests are usually tuners as I’ve grown up around these types of cars in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Hopefully I’ll earn enough cash to by a project car like a 350Z, mustang or an Mr2 to build an all-around performer.

I like to draw cars, characters, scenery and a lot of other stuff from time to time. However, I’m still learning as I go as I only have about two years of experience so far. I also like viewing others artwork as well because it’s interesting to see various styles and maybe learn something.

As of now, my page is currently under construction as I’m new here, so stay tuned!


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Taking a break

on 1 May 2020 at 18:19:01 MDT

I need to put some focus on some IRL issues plus I'm working on 2 personal projects which requires a lot of writing and some coding. I'm probaby going to be away for another couple of months or so, but I'll have plenty of art to post up.

Also check this out because it's important!

if you wan to talk or chat, I'm avalible on Discord @SR20_Weasel#6306

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    As I said with "Jonathan and Bertha", thanks for adding "Amanda's Caracter Sheet" to your favorites. I'm glad to know you like it that much and I'm sure Yamidog is equally glad.

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    Hey, many thanks! I hope I will get even better as time goes on

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    Thanks for adding "Jonathan & Bertha" to your favorites. I'm happy to know you like it that much. I'm sure the artist is equally happy.

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