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30 November 2014 at 16:13:13 MST

Remade the crystal and shit and lmao I am trying

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    I really wasn't a fan of 3DsMax when I first tried it. I always prefered Maya. I have two simultaneous 3D classes coming up on the 19th, so maybe I should try Max instead this time. I'm really not to fond of working with 3D software to begin with, but I have to learn it for my degree. :/ Do you like Max over Maya? Why or why not?

    Awesome work by the way! I've spent about an hour just sifting through your work and being amazed!!! <3

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      We'eve only been taught how to use 3dsmax atm, so I don't really have an opinion tbh. We use max though because it's easier to work and import files into engines like unreal. I know Maya has better tools for modeling, but I think we may use it when we get onto 3D character modeling. But I dunno. Overall I like 3dsmax anyway, new and fun for me. Though I lack the comp to practice at home which is a little disappointing. And thankyou very much! Glad you like my stuff! :D

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    Oh okay, no probs. :3 I'm planning on using Max for the 3D courses I'm starting today (though the 3D intro classes had us use Maya) and I wasn't sure if Max was nicer. I'd only really used Maya for the most part. It does have better modeling tools, you're correct on that, but I think if my prof is saying to use Max instead, then I'll just use that. I'll definitely try to attend a couple of your livestream 3D modeling if you do more, it may help me out in using the software more efficiently.

    Another quick question: do you use a tablet when 3D modeling or a mouse? I've been told that using a tablet is so much smoother, but I haven't tried it yet.