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"One Does Not Just Simply...." by SRSobotka

"One Does Not Just Simply...."


22 August 2015 at 22:58:26 MDT

Randall's Apartment, Sunder Street, New Kiev....

"...They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!"

Randall looked down, smiling fondly at the purple-haired lady snuggled against his hip. They had been at this since six o'clock that morning. Watching the journey begin, while having breakfast as Thorin & Company had dinner at Bag End. Then the fight through the Misty Mountains and a noon-day meal while the dwarves and Bilbo escaped from Mirkwood. Eventually the Battle of the Five Armies had passed, and with a late supper finished, now they were into the Fellowship's unfortunate break-down and the pursuit of the Orcs.

"Enjoying yourself, myska?" he asked softly. She had her head pillowed on his thigh, eyes practically glued to the television, but he could hear and feel the deep sigh of contentment pass from her.

"You need to ask?" she replied in an equally soft voice.

Randall chuckled low in his throat, before gently placing his left hand on Cheska's back. "Good."

Adjusting her hand under her chin, Cheska smiled -- part in his gesture, though also for the comments of Gimli on-screen -- before asking, "Didn't think you'd want to do this with me."

"What?" Randall made a soft circuit across her shoulders with his fingertips. "Miss watching nearly a day's worth of high-fantasy . . . especially with someone like you?"

Cheska snorted softly, her smile not losing a jot of emotion. "Well, the rabbit might've been a better choice . . .?"

"Maybe, but Amanda had to work the late shift," Randall said. He shook his head briefly, before adding, "Besides, you know this was her idea."

Cheska lifted up a bit, tipping her head back to stare up at the burly sun-leopard. "Really. She doesn't mind . . . well, us then?"

"She'd be upset if we didn't spend some time together." Looking back, his smile growing broader across his face, Randall said, "You know we both care about you, hm?"

At that, Cheska shot Randall a look, but it was blended with a fond expression of her own. "You, and the Rabbit . . . no, I cannot say I have noticed." she said dryly.

"Liar." Leaning down, Randall bumped his nose against her forehead, before saying, "In any case, we only want what's best for you."

"Even if that means, you both may end up sharing the mouse between you?" Cheska didn't wait for his reply, but returned to her former position, giving into the urge to snuggle closer to his chunky body.

"Oh, I think we'll manage." Randall returned his gaze to the movie, but his hand rested with affirming warmth on Cheska's back. "Consider it a coordinated effort to ensure your happiness, Myska."

At that, Cheska sighed again. "This, I can live with, Pooshok."

A sketch done by Oli Snowpaw, of my avatar, Randall, having a bit of together-time with Cheska Mouse, while watching an all-day Lord of the Rings marathon.

What do you think, Myska? ^_^

Cheska is owned by Cheska Mouse
Randall St. John is owned by Myself
Original Art by Oli Snowpaw

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