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Sraco The Argonain World - Windhelm Mystery Of The Unknown by Sraco Argonian

Sraco The Argonain World - Windhelm Mystery Of The Unknown

Sraco Argonian

Sraco is in a wild goose chase when a friend want missing name Sherry intel sraco didn't knew about it get up in the morning she wasn't home sraco keeping watch of the house for her so she did cook breakfast for him after sraco eat has breakfast he started to clean around inside the house he want to bed afterward so the next moring want down the leaving room that when started to get concern about her why sherry hasn't came home yet i was going to leave today think think . Sraco en up searching for clues if she left a note or something keep looking around leaving room and the child room bingo a note about beware of the butcher ???? sraco say that cant not be her doing there some body name on the note HHHummm sraco say walk to the door walk out side started to ask the guards around windhelm have they seen sherry from there to the king of windhelm sraco ask him about sherry then he say there was a wizard near by there acting pratty suspicious and trespassing on the property the guards take him in you could ask him about her sraco you have my permission intel then from there goting to the point on a mystery wild chase even the bandits was in part of it as well of course vampires they couldn't be found wasn't near there as we go along with sraco has he figer out this mystery (( enjoy the video and action and music make a comment ))

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