Starship Cresses by SR71BETA

Starship Cresses


7 June 2015 at 13:56:23 MDT

Here are 28 cresses or logos for each starship serving on the walls onboard each starship that has giving for those ships in active service. Starfleet has other ways to represent the names of their ships and history such as the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D briefing room all the ships from Earth's history in gold design. But On most starships built at S-A-V the cresses represent the title and Identity of ship and her crew.

Artwork © SR71BETA / Kevin Sean Morrow 2015


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    Though I saw a one for Titanic

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      Yes there is a Starship called the USS Titanic shes a huge vessel bigger than the Galaxy class.

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    I wish there was one called USS ThunderBird