Model Excelsior II - Completed B by SR71BETA

Model Excelsior II - Completed B


12 December 2014 at 04:38:40 MST

The model does look better than the original Excelsior class with sexy warp nacelles and impulse engine, still she got a great deal and body paints with some little errors corrected the model looks better than ever.

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Visual / Modeling / Sculpture


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    Oooh, I see a Reliant in the background!

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      Thats gonna be repainted and become the Avenger.

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        Sweet. I like that design. You know the story behind the Reliant? :)

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          Yes StatTrek the Wrath of Khan.

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            That's not what I meant. :)

            When working on Star Trek II, the original plan had the Reliant being a Constitution class starship like the Enterprise. It was later determined this would be confusing, as the audience needed to determine instantly which ship was which. As such, they designed a new ship with the engines above the saucer.

            The design was forwarded to director Nick Meyer, who at the time was overseas on another project. He initialed the designs for approval and sent them back. When the production team received the approved designs, they realized he had approved them upside down. As such, they flipped the saucer, added the roll bar, and adjusted the engines to fit the right orientation.

            So that's the story of the Reliant. ;)

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              I used to have a book of the Miranda Class Destroyers they are still cool in StarTrek : Legacy