Rivers Class - Heavy Tactical Battleship by SR71BETA

Rivers Class - Heavy Tactical Battleship


4 December 2014 at 16:58:32 MST

Of all the ships that S-A-V has designed and built for the Federation and Starfleet they came in many different sizes, from scouts to battleships and still alot of Space to explore. Commander Morrow and several other team members of Station Alpha 5 went on a special project that was to design and build a Heavy Tactical Battleship of the entire fleet. The Commander himself thought of how big would this ship be in scale to be honest that Starfleet Command wanted a battleship to explore the endless space of our galaxy, to take the ship and it's crew off the edge of the Alpha Quadrant into deep space. 3 years later the ship was being built in S-A-V's most largest construction hubs where the Enterprise and Anaconda Class ships were built and yet still the new ship that was being built was called the Rivers Class H.T.B. (Heavy Tactical Battleship) with experimental weaponry, shielding, and cyber labs with new medical and research bays. The Rivers Class also had a new warp drive called "Vortex Drive" which is the early stages of the "Transwarp Drive" which massive vessels can travel through nebulas and matter. The Construction began in 2245, 5 years after the introduction of the Constitution Class starships in the early 23rd century, later in 2269 the Rivers Class was near completed but as many conflict with the Klingons on the boarders between Federation and Klingon space many starships were lost in battle as more recruits join the construction of the Rivers Class, the Klingons however knew that the Federation were building a powerful ship to destroy the Klingon Empire as they push into Federation sectors but later after 47 days the Klingons retreated back into Klingon space after many losses of their own ships, then the Completion of the Rivers Class was ready and begun it's systems and weapons testing. The first largest HTB type vessel was launched with the name USS Lauren NX-2146 the most scariest and powerful starship ever built.

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    Wow, this is amazing! It's started to grow on me the more that I look at it. She definitely looks like an impressive ship! I'd be curious what its armaments were!

    No doubt it'd be at the lead of any fleet formation. :) Likely produced as a result of the Borg invasion in the Star trek destiny trilogy. :)

    I generally picture myself in a sleekier vessel, but there's something to be said for superior firepower. :)