Tiger Class AHA Design by SR71BETA

Tiger Class AHA Design


2 November 2014 at 11:33:45 MST

At S-A-V's Designing station we've came up with a new armour known as GAA (Gold Ablative Armour) suited for Heavy Battlecrusiers in the 25th Century. Even many captains and ensigns would try hard to get and sign up onboard these beautiful ships. The idea to have starships with AHA designs was based from the series StarTrek: Voyager "Endgame" but in the 25th Century. The Tiger Class looks like she needed one but with Gold armour doesn't makes her the Flagship but a Guardian of the Fleet.

The Starship and AHA Colouring took a whole day to do and I could be able to do the FWD, AFT, Bow and Top elevator views too. Any one who likes to 3D this starship please ask first thank you.

Digital Artwork and Starship Design © SR71ALPHA (aka SR71BETA) / Kevin .S. Morrow

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    Always wonder what Star Trek would be like if they had just taken the ablative hull armor idea and run with it, going forwards, instead of backwards with the timeline. At least we got the quantum torpedos for a while...

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      I preferred Transphasic Torpedoes de-classified from Starfleet Command Weapons Research.

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        oooh. I dont remember what episode that was from, but i know what you mean. That would be devestating!

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          VOY: EndGame

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            oooh ok, somehow I thought the torpedos in the last episode of Voyager and the quantum torpedos were the same thing.... though, I only saw that once...

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              not really Jayneway went back in time with advance weapons and armour from the late 24th century.