Starship Class Destroyer by SR71BETA

Starship Class Destroyer


1 November 2014 at 15:16:35 MDT

This Bad Girl is the Newest Destroyer of the 25th Century the Starship Class. With a destructive force of weapons and defences this ship is needed for Battles and War, with armoured hull plating and Primary/Secondary shielding to make the Villains like nothing to Starfleet. Even these type of ships were supposed to be used in the next generation or known as the 26th Century. The weapons and defences are too advance even Starfleet Command wasn't expecting to release the design and specs of their newest ship. So far Mars Shipyards S-A-V is building only 3 of these for stand by only.

Digital Artwork © SR71ALPHA (aka SR71BETA)

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    Looks like desing art for Star Trek Online. ;)

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      Never played it for 2 reasons...

      • Holds my art back
      • Nothing like ST: Legacy
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        Well in the new Addon in STO comes lot of changes. The Delta Quadrant is there. Levelcap is now 60 and a new highclass of Starships is there. Called T6 Intel Starships.
        And Mk upgrading system is there too. If you want you can upgrade an Mk I item to an Mk XIV Epic. But please read it self on You are welcome to play. ;)

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          how much would it take up space?

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            The client takes 12 GB.