Advance Starship Designs - 25th Century Era by SR71BETA

Advance Starship Designs - 25th Century Era


1 November 2014 at 14:22:46 MDT

25th Century Era as like the events and historical moments of Starfleet in one Century but like the 21st Century mankind invented technology to reach the stars and land of the Moon with rocket powered ships. Then in the 21st Century Warp Drive was invented by Dr. Cochrane by transforming a nuclear missile into a warp ship "Phoenix" and made first contact with the Vulcans. 22nd Century an Interstellar starship known as "Enterprise" was stalled with Archer's father's Warp 5 Engine, stopped a super from destroying Earth, Stopped a war between Andorians and Vulcans then brought together all races united to bring birth of the United Federation of Planets. 23rd Century Young famous cadet James T. Kirk cheated through training and achieved the rank of Admiral after his 5 year mission, Save the Earth from V'ger, Stolen and Self-Destructed the Enterprise, Saved the Earth while bringing back humpback whale to communicate with an alien probe, Achieved by braking the great barrier into the center of the galaxy, brought peace between the Federation and Klingon Empire, Enterprise-B took damage and lost the famous Captain Kirk during it's first trial run. 24th Century a newly galaxy class starship the flagship of Starfleet and the Federation was first given the famous name "Enterprise" discovered two massive alien life-forms at Far point station, "Q" sent the Enterprise 70,000 lightyears across the Galaxy and first contact with the Borg. Captain John Luc-Picard was captured an assimilated by the Borg and seval Starships were lost at Wolf-359 later Picard regained his humanity. Starfleet wages war against the Dominions for stopping a dominion invasion force in the Alpha Quadrant and retake control of DS9. In the late 24th Century the Starship Voyager returns home after the destruction of a Borg Sphere and all data regarding Voyager's journey towards the Alpha Quadrant which were vital information about the Delta Quadrant which they were sent by force. More Advanced starships were born including the Soverign Class Enterprise-E and seval others, The Borg returns to slave the human race in the mid 21st century as the Enterprise saved the Warpship "phoenix" and time continues. Then after the after the Enterprise was brought back to space dock re-pairing the forward section the Enterprise's first office promoted to Captain as he commands another new starship the "Titan" and organizing peace treating's with the Romulans. After new starships and new discovery of hero ship, families and friends on many journeys, meeting new life and civilizations to boldly going where no man or no one has gone before...

In the 25th Century Starships have evolved with new each encounter by exploring the rest of the Galaxy and far beyond as possible new technology and new races united to U.F.P. and Starfleet Command takes every possible action to defeat new enemies. Now since the 23rd Century Cruisers exist in service but never in the 24th Century, but now they're continuing on with Cruisers, Battlecrusiers and Destroyers even though Battleships and Warship will be joining Starfleet and in service of the United Federation of Planets too.

In the Early 25th Century Starfleet started asking Mars Shipyards if they be able to construct a Crusier Type Starship in any shipyards, but Station Alpha 5 was already in the progress of designing the Sentinel Class Crusier and was ready for construction. Later after the first launch and trial runs of the Sentinel Class Starship USS Sentinel NCC-1733-C was extremely powerful in design and Starfleet and was the first to break the warp barrier of warp.20 with newly advance Starmaker type nacelles and sublight engines.

In the mid 25th Century came the National Class Starship which it's design is getting smoother and it's shape is going near swifter like a shark. This type of starship broke the Warp barrier at warp.20.9 and was explored and system full of close planets with new life and civilizations.

In the late 25th Century came a powerful type Destroyer the Starship Class in it's experimental stages inventing new weapon systems, shields and warp engines while on exploring the outskirts of our galaxy.

Starship Designs © SR71ALPHA (aka SR71BETA) / Kevin Sean Morrow

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