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StarTrek Discovery - Constitution Class


18 February 2018 at 14:09:23 MST

After watching the entire Season 1 of StarTrek Discovery I did some research on Episode 10 and 15 showing Starfleet's missing ship the USS Defiant and the most popular starfleet vessel the USS Enterprise. Now I know that this is a new series and according to the USS Defiant which was originally a Constitution Class Crusier seen in TOS Season 3, Episode 9 and in ST: Enterprise Season 4, Episode 18 and 19. The USS Defiant in the Discovery's Terran data base show it looks very different from the 1960's Constitution class design. It's rare that the display shows the USS Defiant was a different Constitution Class variant than the USS Enterprise because it's got a intersection saucer section, an phase pulse cannon on both the ship's pylons an a extended deflector dish.

As for the USS Enterprise as it intercepts the Discovery I take this Constitution Class is like the pilot variant under command of Captain Pike. The Warp nacelles however looks exactly like the ones from the NX-01 Enterprise but longer and the pylons are the same from the refit with a gap in the design. 2 new impulse engines and inbetween then has to be a aft torpedo launcher or a airlock of some kind.

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    I know the producers have said the version of the Defiant seen in the Terran database is post modifications by the Empire.

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      true but why keep USS than ISS?

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        That I don't know, but in fairness Discovery is the first time I've seen them redo the paint job in real time.

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    That is a much better Constitution Class as that bucked from the Kelvin Timeline. :) I like that remake.

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      Yes but still the view screen or window was an idea from the kelvin timeline.

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        Sure but that's a feature i can live with. ^^

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    great Work <3<3

    But I still don't know what I should thing about it, is it again another Timeline, is it kind of a refit or they just don't care what TOS should look like -.-

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      It's still based on Gene.R's StarTrek, just set between archer and kirk well the Enterprise was commanded by Pike. So the vessel USS Discovery was mainly the Enterprise Phase I for the movie Planet of the Titans, so yeah that ship was seen in StarTrek: The Search for Spock as the USS Enterprise comes into Dry dock you can see the Discovery half shown on the far left.