Fleet Admiral Morrow by SR71BETA

Fleet Admiral Morrow


12 May 2017 at 16:40:48 MDT

Ladies and Gentleman and all intelligent species of the United Federation of Planets, As I stand before you all fellow officers and cadets of Starfleet, Allies of every Quadrant. I Fleet Admiral Morrow gathered you all today to introduced myself and my career as a Starfleet Officer.

When I first joined Starfleet I was just a shy Cadet on my way to my first ship the Brittain, after lunching I thought that our journey as a species wouldn't be so easy as the Brittain was under attack by rouge Klingon and Gorn forces our captain was killed in action as I did the think and the quick suggestions I took command of my very first ship, the Brittain was heavy damaged but with the best crew mates we manage to fought our way out. I realised that the journey would send us onto difficult challenges to explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and allies along the way.

Months later I took command of my very first starship, one I hoped to get along with so nicely, the Concord was updated again from the shipyards near Vulcan as my crew left with different assignments I thought that I wasn't along till I had a bridge full of Catians officers who trust me in their best efforts to serve along side me and our crew as I was giving the rank of Captain we had even more challenges ahead of us. No matter if you were traveling beyond the stars dreaming of knowing what's out there the real adventure lies whenever your orders take you.

Fellow Ambassadors and Senators of the UFP, without your help this alliance would have never been so strong after countless wars and heavy losses with powerful alien spices, the Borg, Iconians, Vaadwaur and other races that we all went up against and with your help in fleets, armada's and task forces we all united together always survives for peace and to continue our way life until Time meets up to our death.

As in now was I took a very difficult responsibility to protect my crew, my ship and my duty that's loyal to Starfleet and the UFP, got promoted to Vice Admiral flew around the Alpha, Beta and Delta Quadrant in a advance starship along side with the same crew mates as we worked together to know our ship the Dragon and we called her home as she moves across the stars once again, but sitting in the chair of my ship still keeps me in command since I was a raw cadet and went to be one of Starfleet's most finest Commanders as for humanity they will catch up eventually.

Now here I am as Fleet Admiral standing here before you, if you need any assistance or support I'm out there and I'll be on alert for your help...Salutes Fleet Admiral Morrow at your disposal!

Earth Space Dock / Utopia Planitia Station
Beta Quadrant

Artwork © TheTigress
Admiral Morrow © SR71BETA

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