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Icon Commissions Open! 2 slots available! by Squishysnoot

Icon Commissions Open! 2 slots available!


17 March 2018 at 11:06:03 MDT

Hey it's my birthday this month so I'm opening commissions to help with some bills and get some stuff for myself! I have 2 slots available!

$20 gets you a single character icon with simple colouring and no shading (like the top left example).

$35 gets you a single character icon with full colouring and shading. If you have a more complicated character or if you want something more detailed we can have a chat about pricing because it will increase the amount of time it takes me to finish them.

Perfect for Discord, FA or Twitter. I draw the icons in such a way that they'll look nice round or square. I'll send a Dropbox link with the original (1280px) resolution files as well as any additional sizes you request.

If you're interested comment to claim!

Payment is made through Paypal. I will send an invoice once you're happy with the initial sketch. If you have any revisions or changes you want me to make please do let me know once I send you the initial sketch because an additional charge might be required if you have any changes to make once I have started.

Slot one: Armeline
Slot two: open
Slot three: open

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