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I have a cat again.

on 9 December 2018 at 08:05:06 MST

I wanted another companion after Smudge ran off so I went looking at some of the local shelters. The animal shelter in Wabash had several cats and all except one was ignoring me. One that was all black with a white triangle on his chest and a white dot between his back legs. He wanted out and as soon as I held him, he pressed his head into my arm and started purring. The workers there were miffed and said he wouldn't do that for them. I thought about it for a day then made the call to get him giving myself some time to be certain of making a lifetime commitment. The shelter named him Mau. I didn't know what to call him. I didn't want the usual black cat names and he didn't seem to answer to anything else I said. I had toyed with naming him Travesura, which is Spanish for mischief, but settled on Danny in honor of Pandr's given name. He loved black cats so it seems a good fit.

Danny is a very friendly cat and curious about everything. While I was replacing the parts in the toilets, he watched and even jumped on the seat and looked in the tank as I was replacing the fill valve. He loves racing around the house and jumping on the bed. (mostly while I'm trying to sleep) He also loves to lay down in the bathroom sink, but the strangest thing he does is to press his head and neck down on my arm and purr. Not a light touch, but with all his weight like he wants to keep me there. He also likes to sit in the chair behind me in the computer room and tell me what he thinks of my typing.

I do wonder if I have a cat or a stomach with four paws with as much as he eats. There is that and the litter box treasure hunt every other day searching for nuggets. I think I've struck the mother lode more than once.

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