Wood'n Head by SquareZer0 (critique requested)

Wood'n Head (critique requested)


28 February 2017 at 12:53:34 MST

An album cover for my dad's band, Sordid Business. This of course, features the titular Wood'n Head, Pinocchio's older brother who never got very far in life. He was Geppetto's first try at making a little wooden puppet, and is riddled with defects and mistakes, so he was thrown to the scrap heap while his little brother got everything he'd ever dreamed of.

Well I've got strings to tie me down
They make me fret, they make me frown
No do-good cricket lookin' out for me
And I never seen no Good Fairy

Cuz I got this wooden head
It's full of knots, glue, screws, and lead
I got these nasty splinters that bother me

Poor me, my maker had no art
Drove ten penny nails right through my heart
The roots were rotten on the tree
That was cut down to make poor me

But I got this wooden head
It's hard as a rock and immune to dread
I got these crazy thorns that protect me

God damn old Geppetto
When he passed out parts, he forgot a soul
Now wooden hands and a rotten heart
Would go a long way to keep me far behind
My bro, old Pinocchio
Made a wish on a star and he reached his goal
With two feet, he land in joy
And all the hopes and desires that come with
Bein' a real boy

If I had wings so I could fly
I would not bother with the sky
I'd find some scissors to clip me
Bein' well-grounded in reality

Cuz I got this wooden head
It's full of knots, glue, screws, and lead
I got these nasty thorns that protect me...

Listen to more of Sordid Business's music here: sordidbusiness.com/wp/
Wood'n Head doesn't seem to be posted here, but I'll see if I can find a public recording to link soon.

Lyrics and song (c) Sordid Business
Art (c) me

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