Captive Feeding Program, pt. 3 by Squander

Captive Feeding Program, pt. 3


24 July 2017 at 15:12:38 MDT

Our search for enrichment activities capable of reducing the aggressive behaviour of our captive slaughterdragon continues to meet with minimal success. While permitting her access to a constant supply of food rations has proven suitable for distracting her in the short term, it does counterintuitively seem to have led to increased aggression when attempting to get her to do anything other than eat. Despite our best efforts, her current routine consists of little more than gorging herself into a stupor, sleeping off the meal and then awakening with the expectation of more food.

This level of caloric excess, coupled with a profound lack of physical activity, has led to the predictable result of rapid weight gain in the specimen, posing a clear risk to her long-term health. This issue needs to be remedied immediately, and to this end we are now transferring enrichment equipment from other animal enclosures in the hope of finding an activity regime that will stimulate the exhibit into more productive behaviours.

Art by Plaxtons-galaxy on Furaffinity.

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