Captive Feeding Program, pt. 2 by Squander

Captive Feeding Program, pt. 2


23 July 2017 at 16:26:07 MDT

We have so far had minimal luck in finding a solution for our new zoo exhibit's behavioural issues. We initially suspected that allowing her to express her natural predatorial instincts within the confines of her enclosure would be beneficial, but forcing her to engage in a mock-hunt before being fed seemed only to aggravate her further. We did, however, discover that allowing the specimen to consume a caloric load far in excess of her dietary requirements led to a temporary decrease in aggression, likely due to a post-gorge stupor.

While this kind of overfeeding is not a suitable long-term solution due to the necessity of maintaining the specimen at a healthy weight (not to mention staying under budget), as a short-term strategy it does allow us to study the specimen in a less agitated state, as well as alleviating the safety concerns that arose from her previous behaviour. As such, our new approach is to ensure that additional food items are available to the specimen at all times until a more permanent solution can be found.

Art by Plaxtons-galaxy on Furaffinity.

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