A little full, aren't we? (plus little story) by spyrotard (critique requested)

A little full, aren't we? (plus little story) (critique requested)


6 January 2019 at 19:48:49 MST

Might be a little fetishy - but still cute:

Flying requires alot of energy, so Dutch and the rest of his species have rather voracious appetites so that their bodies can keep up with demand. Dutch was a particularly big eater, whos cavernous stomach became notoriously difficult to satisfy.

A comfortably hearty meal in Dutch's mind is nearly 9 pounds of meat. A giant feast could be around 13 pounds. He once even managed to cram 18 pounds into that belly of his.
Lacking substantial abdominal muscles, Dutch's stomach has plenty of room to "accommodate its guests" (as he'd often joke), although his midsection would protrude several inches after a meal.

On his home planet with his own kind, he would strut his monstrously distended belly proudly. It was seen as a social status symbol - where the better hunters gobbled the most prey, and hence had the fullest stomachs.
He never thought too much about until he was introduced to human customs - where things like "portions", "table manners", and of course, "appearance" were held to a much higher regard.

Standing roughly 6 foot 2 inches, Dutch is roughly the size of a tallish human. Devouring 9 pounds in one sitting is unheard of.
Hell, even 4 pounds is freakish for someone that size on Earth. Dutch found it quite difficult to even find that much food in such a civilized environment.

Then came the social aspects. During his first few months, entire rooms would go silent has he gnashed and gulped head-sized chunks of chicken. They'd stare with a mix of awe, disgust, and to a lesser extent fascination as entire carts of food would disappear down his gullet.
The silence of the room amplified the sounds he made while eating: the massive gulps as he swallowed mouthfuls of chicken, the rather loud groans of his stomach churning away on the massive meal, and the occasional belch to expel the ridiculous amount of air he inadvertently gulped along.
It drew an enormous amount of negative attention, and it made Dutch extremely uncomfortable.

Then to top it off, once he finished and stood back up, the entire world feasted their eyes on his enormously dilated belly, comically protruding from a shirt that was 2 sizes too large a half hour ago.
The silence would be broken by a moment of whispering, followed shortly after by pointing, giggling, and gossip. It was humiliating. It takes his body several hours to digest a meal that size, then a little longer for his midsection to return to normal, so for the rest of the day Dutch had to endure the looks and the jokes.
Most of the comments weren't intended to be derogatory, but it took quite a toll on his self-esteem.

As the months passed, Dutch worked hard on cutting down his portion sizes. It took an immense amount of effort. Every day his mind would fog, his stomach would cramp, and his body would ache as it struggled to adapt.
The first week was the worst. The second week was not much better. But the aches started to fade after the third week, and got a little better each day.

Today, hes managed to bring his portions down to a little bit over 3 pounds - still a bit excessive, but much more manageable. His eating habits no long attract crowds of spectators, and found it much easier to socialize with humans in the room.

However … he still has a hard time finding a shirt that stays over his belly after a meal. :3

I hope the story was ok, because I know the drawing isnt! :P
Been bouncing back and forth between different projects that require quite a bit of effort on my part. Drawing was one of those projects, and I've been really slacking on it.

I've been needing to redraw Dutch for a while: hes supposed to have a little bit of fur and be on the tubby side. I couldn't figure out the fur, but I think I'm happy with his tubby-ness here. I even got most of the proportions right! :D
Pretend his paws aren't all fucky. Hands are not my cup of tea. Neither is drawing apparently. But I am improving - one step at a time! Hope its ok :)

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    Personally Spyrotard, I like the story a lot. I believe the fetish is called weight gain (I've seen artwork of it in the past, and nowadays I'm not into it as I use to. One of my favorite weight gain stories was on a zekrom who was given a special room, ate so much he couldn't finish dessert, and comes home to realize his friends were coming over. And he would be embarrassed to have his friends see his large stomach. I have the story in my hard drive to this day and I look back at it with imagining how it would look like visually.)

    If I had a large dragon stomach, I would feel humiliated but also a bit of crying. Being the center of attention is one of the most embarrassing moments to ever have.
    Thanks for the story and re-drawing your character. Dutch sounds like a cute name for a dragon based off of a language.