Overcriminalized (Python Blue cover) by spyrotard (critique requested)

Overcriminalized (Python Blue cover) (critique requested)


9 January 2018 at 22:32:31 MST

woah i forgot to post this here!
a little over a week ago i got permission from pythonblue pythonblue to cover one of his older songs

I wanted to do this one for a while, but never felt like I was up to the task until now.

It was quite a challenge to get the guitar to sound decent! Your ears are not deceiving you: that is a six string guitar in Drop F.
I had to bore out my tuning pegs with a drill to get the strings to fit lol.

I couldn't adjust the microphone placement or my amp's EQ since I was also using it to record a future song, so all adjustments had to be made with plugins - not ideal, especially when there is LOTS of adjustment to be made lol.
Also in tunings this low, it gets harder to keep the guitar in its place in the mix without making it sound fizzy or dull, especially with all the different instruments fighting for the same frequencies. I think I did alright though - it was certainly good practice!

comments and critiques are appreciated! i tried alot of new things here - i really want to know what you guys think, both sound/tone and composition wise!

Listen to the original here! . . . . . . . https://python-blue.bandcamp.com/track/overcriminalized
Check out his stuff on bandcamp! . https://python-blue.bandcamp.com
And hes on weasyl too! . . . . . . . . . https://www.weasyl.com/~pythonblue

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    Didn't know you already record music? Wow you had to use a lot of plug-ins to get this to work?

    And the guitar tuning??? UGH that must have taken the whole day just to get that right.

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      Oooh yes... even with an 8 string, drop F is dumb. A half step lower from that is an entire octave down from standard :o

      Thick strings and low gain help, but the hardest part is getting the guitar to sit in the mix dominated by instruments in the same frequency range.

      When mixing, you give each instrument a 'space' in the frequency spectrum so that your ear can effortlessly perceive each individual one despite them all being at more-or-less the same volume. For example, the snare primarily sits in 1-2khz, with the high "sizzle" in maybe 8-10khz, and the low end "pop" in like the 300-500hz range. So if I want it to be heard over the other instruments, I would slightly scoop the eq of the other instruments in this range.

      It starts to get tricky when several other instruments want to sit in the same space. In this case, all the synths wanted the 500-800hz space. The 500-800hz range is where all my guitar's midrange lives, and that matters way more in tunings this low because theres no character in the low or high end - its just bass and fizz and it sounds bad.

      I think this song took about a week for me to do, but yes, most of that was fighting with the guitar tone :P

      Oh and yes, I've been doing music for a while! I've only recently gotten decent at mixing my own stuff - I never took any lessons in mixing or producing, so I had to figure it out on my own, mostly through trial and error from listening to music i like

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        Yeeeeaaaahhhhhhh, in other words, the guitar's masked by the other instruments in the same frequency range.

        Hm, I've done mostly DJ and Video work but I didn't really get into sound engineering until I recently took a class about it. While most people have no clue what to do in a recording studio, I have pretty much figured out what to do in a studio recording of the place itself.