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Radiance by Spudfuzz



Facebook commission, client's design/ idea of what a potential third evolution for the Ponyta/ Rapidash chain might look like. The entire thing was really one big learning experience, never really painted any of these elements before. A lot of things didn't turn out the way I wanted but had to wrap it up or it'd take all year.

Pokemon © Nintendo.

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    This picture is insanely beautiful, oh my gosh. owo

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    This is lovely, if you don't mind I'd love a render of the third evolution to play with in my manipulations. Of course this is assuming you have one already available.

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      Sorry I don't. I have to paint things like this on my boyfriend's computer because the pressure settings are messed up on mine. I usually delete the raw .sai file after so it doesn't clutter his pc. :(

      If you want though you can't still take the image and cut it out or mess with it however you want. I'm just happy that you asked, most people just take it without asking haha.

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        I think I can cut it for use still, I'd just have to position it carefully so the edges are against the side and not as noticeable.
        I can't always ask permission since I get a lot of my stock from google image search and don't always know the owner/creator or even how to contact to request, but with those I try to just use them as a starting point to generate something new (like the background in my banner came from a render of a hot-wheels car, some brushes, and filters LOL).
        However if pieces of the original are still recognizable in the outcome, I point out it's not mine and if the artist name is given they'd be credited and I'd mention it to the creator and respectfully take it down if asked to do so.