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Zootopia AU : Younger Times by SpringRonnie100

Zootopia AU : Younger Times


This is a Summer project that I'm doing, and an alternate universe of Zootopia, and this project I'm doing.

I will explain the history of my alternative universe.
Let's start in Bunnyburrow, when Gideon let's clawedJudy's cheek while she was trying to retrieve Sharla's tickets.

knowing that,His parents decided to move to Zootopia, to avoid gideon bullying with the children, They moved from Bunnyburrow to Zootopia.

Gideon, din't liked the idea of moving away , but it was for the best and for him not to get into trouble anymore.

Judy after the attack of Gideon, was to spend the school holidays at the house of her aunt who lives in Zootopia, she does not know but gideon also lives there now, and both will meet in the same school.

Nick a 10-year-old fox who lives in Zootopia along with his mother Francine, his father John and his 3-year-old sister Nicole, always sees the bright side of life and still believes everyone can be anything they want.
even after being rejected by Boy Scouts, he continued to believe that zootopia could leave all prejudice aside and live as a normal society.

Nick, Judy And Gideon they will meet one day ...
and speaking of it, I'm thinking of doing a comic of this Au.

Well before you ask me if Gideon's father is a fox .. I'll say

Gideon's father it's a Wolf, that's right a Wolf

So Gideon is a Hybrid?

Yes, An Wolf/ Fox Hybrid.

Let me Explain

Gideon is Bigger than the other kids and foxes, even bigger than Nick, and he also have
an much an Broader Muzzle like wolves and a bigger somewhat flatted, nose compared to Nick and Nicole's more slender, Fox- Like muzzle and smaller somewhat pointed nose.

And his name being Gideon Grey, his last name reference could be of the wolf, s Pelt color( Grey) or Gray, in their DNA.

Also in my Au There are some hybrid animals like

Zonkeys: Male zebra / Female DonKey

Cabbits: Domestic Male cat / Female Rabbit

Ligers: Lion / Tigress

Grolar Bears: M grizzly bear / F Polar bear

Savannah: M Serval / F Domestic Cat

Wolfdogs: F Wolf / M dog

And in my Au Other countries such as
Brazil, Spain, Italy, Japan, Portugal and among others

Characters age

John 36 (Nick and Nicole's dad)
Francine 37 ( Nick and Nicole's mom)
Due 40 ( Gideon's Dad)

Gideon 13
Nicole 8
Nick 11
Judy 11
Ben( Benjamin clawchouser) 10
Finnick 14
Sakura( my oc) 11 ( siamese cat)
Jiro( my oc) 10 ( Black cat)
Imamu( my oc) 10 (Lion cub)
Axel( My oc) 13 ( German Shepherd)
Emmet Otterton 12
Renato Manchas 13

Zootopia (c) Disney
Art( c) me
Au(c) me


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