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6 January 2015 at 10:09:25 MST

Suicune ran away!

This was supposed to be just a painting study, but it was cooperating so much that I just went ahead and finished it in one go. It was a great little exercise, I am SO happy with how it turned out! Super super fun and a lovely excuse to use a bunch of spiffy effects.

Suicune is my favorite Pokemon. ;u; One of my favorites, anyway. There may be some other Poke-pictures later on!

This is a slightly altered design. One of my favorite part of drawing Pokemon is making tweaks to how they look.

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    Beautiful! The picture's so dynamic, I simply love the composition and colours. <3
    Suicune's pose is wonderful, it looks so powerful and majestic.

    Ahhh, so inspiriiiiing

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      Oh gosh, that's such a compliment! Thank you so much ;u;

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    That's really gorgeous. One of the best pokemon too <3

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      Belated as heck reply, but, yes, Suicune is the best <333 Who are your favorites? I really like Milotic and Absol too ;u;

      And thank you!

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        Seeing as I mostly played the earlier generations(I'm not up to date on pokemon) articuno and mewtwo were always some of my faves. I think some of the newer ones are a little silly though :p

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    AhhhhHHHH!!! AHHH!! ;3;
    I love this! I love the effects and the colors and gosh I love your take on one of my favorites too and AHHHH!!! *\kermit flail*

    You've inspired me to do some PokePics myself. I've been wanting to do them for some time, but seeing this has really inspired me.

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      Thank you so much for the compliment! Everyone should draw more pokemon :D Including me, since I keep procrastinating on doing more, ahaha.

      I'm very flattered to have inspired you!