Maneater by SpottyJaguar



11 July 2014 at 21:55:35 MDT

I came out of the Earth to swallow the Sky. I will bring the Sun to its knees. I will devour the men and the beasts that stand in my way.

I will be everyone's compassion

I will be everyone's death.

So I looked at the thing I did yesterday and realized that I could do much much better. So I did! Looking at the other one was really embarrassing, ahah. I had no idea how to do what I wanted to do.

We made Namiin’s face white, to contrast more with the rest of faer body, which was holy shit a good decision.

No album name this time! I didn’t want to play the composition game w/ getting text to work over the drips. I am really really happy with this though. :)

Ok back to work.

Personal Art
Character belongs to ViralDivinity
Art © SpottyJaguar

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    Oh wow this is even more beautiful than the last, which is saying a lot! Really love the peek of faer tongue and those delicious cross-sectionals, and those swirls and stars are just amazing

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    CRYING I love this so much thank you!! Thank you thank you aaaaa fae's absolutely perfect! ;w;

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    This is GORGEOUS oh my god. I love how smooth this looks and I wanna learn how to paint/render like this ;v;

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    Good god damn, this is something I would frame and hang up in my place, for real.

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      Aaaa that's a huge compliment! Thank you so much. ;u;

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    You draw such beautifully strange things sometimes.

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    I am still loving each of these so much. What gorgeously arranged work.

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      Thank you very much! It's definitely fun content for me, haha. I want to do more like this. Soon.

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        I think the fact that you are enjoying the work a lot really shows through in the result!