purple cat smoking piece by spork

purple cat smoking piece


21 February 2014 at 03:03:24 MST

EDIT: Dagnabbit I meant to submit this as though it were music so I could include a soundtrack! >.< oh well...this seems fitting.

FINALLY done with this damn thing, 2 hours late. I'd hoped to finish it within one month. but, not too tardy.

anyway, it's polymer clay with acrylic paint, glows in the dark and is blacklight reactive and will probably not get much use since it seems I'm done smoking for the foreseeable (ha!) future.

just the other day I was looking at fursuit making videos and it occurred to me that cast-resin follow-me eyes would have looked much cooler, and probably have been a lot less work. since this piece got messed up in various ways I'm thinking of making a second version at some point. but, not for a good while. at any rate I learned some valuable lessons, mostly involving support structures, and am glad to have this one finished.

also, it would please me big big if in commenting on this submission people (you) could


. thank you.

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    I'm not one for smoking, or paraphinalia to do with it, but this is a really great creation. I love it. :)

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      I agree, vaporizing is much better for the lungs. ba-zing!

      but seriously thank you, it's gratifying that you like it even despite a disinclination to liking such things! did intend for it to be actual art, after all!

      to be honest, although I've been sober 7 or 8 months now, and I haven't gotten high for fun in much longer than that, I've long found the much of the brain-dead couch potato culture surrounding "recreational drugs" (oh how I despise that term!) at best irritating and at worst...well I could go on for quite a while about that, but I won't, because now I have to get ready for my job, and wouldn't want to annoy you with issues you probably don't care about anyway! =')

      thanks again!

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    I'm sorry Spork, I have to use the B-word for this. This is a very BEAUTIFUL piece of work, and very wonderful on how you were able to finished it, with the difficulty you had encountered. Like if I were to spot this in a market, I would pay good money to put it on my shelf. Well done~ <333

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    This is a very impressive b-word.

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      aw gawsh now it blushes in the dark too! <=')

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    this is so amazing, hope it performs well C:

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      I have the feeling that it would/shall; as I implied in the description, my days of inhaling the sorts of carbonized material most commonly associated with this class of object seem to be on indefinite postponement, and I rarely utilize such devices for the less common materials, though i'll take the opportunity to mention that there are many very worthwhile such materials that escape common notice. such as perfectly legal to own and use (in the US)dream herb for instance.

      anyway, i'll give a little test run with something innocuous soonish and apprise the world of the results, which I'm sure everyone shall find very enlightening ;')

      seriously, thanks for commenting person! comments are my favorite thing =')

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        hum well now it shall have to wait as I accidentally held it in such a way that the bowl piece fell out and shattered on the tile floor. ah well.

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          might have to try that out, wow. that's why i started my dream journal, so i could eventually learn to lucid dream.
          you're most welcome! i feel bad that i don't always have something to say when i favorite a submission, always happy to make someone's day brighter though C:

          yeah that happened to me too, i'm a klutz.

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            aaaugh I have been SO neglectful of my dreams for SO long now! it's truly a shame! but it's difficult because it takes so long to write out all the details that I can remember, and I'm forgetting half of it even as I write the other half down, and you know how you can't express in words the most important aspects of a dream anyway...but really this is just excuses, because I only have a normal work-start time (like 8 or 9 am) 3 days a week, so it's not like I couldn't spend the hour and a half to resume a journal...and god, I've had some amazing dreams lately that have been lost to the drifts of the unconscious.

            I haven't had a full on lucid dream in so very long now, and it's not like I don't know how amazing and worthwhile they are! alright! that's it then! no more excuses, I'm getting back into dreaming starting...Monday....because I have to get up early tomorrow and sunday...but then Monday Tuesday and wedensday and Thursday I can get up whenever the fuck I feel like it (not that I don't have work to do, i actually work full time+ most weeks, it's just not work that demands strict scheduling). cool, I'm glad this subject came up ='D

            haha I think everyone knows how it feels to want to say something encouraging but it can be so hard to think of something that will actually be useful to the person, and it feels so lame to just say "cool pic bro" every time. but it's all good, I appreciate the time anyone takes to say anything at all, and know that most folks have the same difficulties commenting that I do!

            as for the bowl, gah I can't even guess at how many things I've let shatter on the floor. the terrible thing is that I took the piece to the market with me today to show anyone who might be interested, and it survived totally fine, until I got home and thought
            "i'll go put this in my room where it's safe"

            but it was kind of a relief that it was just that cheap little piece; at first I was like "oh god no what was THAT?!?"

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    I'd be too afraid to use a beautiful piece like this! Special care would be taken to treat it with the utmost reverence if I did.

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      it's always good to have a respectful attitude, even toward inanimate objects! I think the pervasiveness of disposability is one of the major perpetual problems with western 'culture'. nothing is appreciated because it's all replaceable planned-obsolescence junk.

      actually I think this piece is pretty hardy - although dropping it would probably be bad I think polymer is much less delicate that ceramic, and the glaze seems to be pretty tough too. the difficulty in using this particular piece I think is that it's rather cumbersome and too large - as I built the up-pipe I realized I made it way too wide, so the wall of the mouth piece is like an inch thick. well live and learn =')

      my problem with using it though is that my relationship with Mother C. declined quite precipitously due to my thoughtless over-use. I was just using it habitually, and continued to long after I realized that it was becoming more of a hinderance than a help and that I wasn't treating it with the respect and gratitude it deserves for what it has done for me. at the moment I'm prone to anxiety whenever I do have even just a little, which tells me that the time isn't right for a reunion - I have work to do on myself yet. and have found that I'm really quite alright with sobriety, though I do miss my old friend. I think I'm finally beginning to integrate the lessons I wasn't quite learning over the past few years. integration is necessary to prevent use from becoming ab-use. I do believe in forming actual relationships with plants, though I haven't done very well at it so far. I get too caught up in my own bullshit and end up neglecting them...thankfully they are patient, being ancient after all, but it is not good to abuse their patience.

      thanks for the thoughts dude! I think your art is so effin good, and you seem like such a nice person it really means a lot to me ='D

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        Oh for sure, it has a tendency to amplify ones natural reactions and anxiety in particular can be hard hit. You've got the right idea in holding off until you feel more centered, I think. Best wishes~ <3

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    I think I love you.

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      aw gawsh =')

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    I was really hoping this was just a photo of something that you purchased, so I could hunt down my own! I wonder though, I thought it was bad to smoke out of polymer clay? I guess if you're using a glass bowl and not the actual clay part it wouldn't matter, since the heat isn't coming in contact with the clay... either way, this is amazing.

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      hey thanks for the kind words!
      sorry to disappoint on this particular piece, but I am working on saleable pieces now, though they won't be like this one. this piece took about 60-70 hours (although I'm sure I could reduce that...but not significantly enough) and I'd have to sell it for more than I'd be comfortable asking (though of course I made this particular piece just for me anyways).

      yes the danger of breathing polymer particles occurred to me of course, but the bowl extends about an inch and a half past the surface and I'm pretty confident it's safe to use.
      From the sculpey website faq:
      All Sculpey products have been evaluated by an independent toxicologist and found to contain no known toxic substances in sufficient quantities to be harmful to the human body, even if ingested or inhaled.

      When used as directed, polymer clays do not give off toxic chemicals in the curing process. There is a slight odor, which in not harmful.

      it does address making smoking materials particularly:
      Since our clays are made of PVC and other additives, at high temperature greater than 350°F the PVC starts to break down and therefore should not be exposed to an open flame.

      making sure I design the pipe in such a way that the flame doesn't come within an inch and a half of the piece itself is one of my personal rules.
      If the clay does burn because of a mistake or if the oven malfunctions, a small amount of hydrogen chloride gas could be released, which may cause odor and some eye or nose irritation. The amount of hydrogen chloride gas released from the clay would not cause a health problem because it would be rapidly dispersed into the air.

      so, I think it's pretty safe. still, it's a little annoying that I can't make some of the designs I can think of because of that concern. I'd love to be able to fire ceramic pieces. I'm not entirely sure that I couldn't, but I'm too embarrassed of rejection to ask!