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flourescent island by spork

flourescent island


the voice samples in the music annoy me, but I love the rest of it.

this is to hold my business cards. which it sort of does but they tend to fall out a little bit. I am incompetent.

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    Controlling paper rectangles is not trivial.

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      don't I know it! 20ish hours of work for such meager success. but, as I no longer have room on my market table for the sculpt it's been reduced to mere ornamentation, which I guess is okay. but I have now to fix up the damage it took being transported several days a week. maybe some day I will get around to doing that.

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        Oh damn! This sculpture is really freaking cool, I hope it didn't suffer too much abuse.

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          a few minor breaks that can be repaired with superglue.
          the bigger problem is that I used a spray-on glaze which it turns out is rather sticky, and once dirt and the zillions of teensy cat hairs that are constantly floating through my house get on it they pretty much can't be gotten back off. so I have to repaint it, which is a bit of a chore. but now I've used sculpy's brush on glaze on the bob-ong and am much more pleased with that. but now I'm swamped with other projects which neeeed to get done as I'm hoping some of them will help me pay down cat's huge medical bill that recently flared up.

          so, mr self-satisfied purple cat'll just have to wait I'm afeared =')