yoshi sai practice by spoonface

yoshi sai practice


11 March 2013 at 09:38:09 MDT

haha whoops, an old pic from October. I still like it, though, and you can never have too many yoshis around.

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    Y'know, for as much as I love this guy, you'd think I'd draw him more. :|

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      Aww! Same here, same here. :C I'm super fond of Yoshi but I notice I'm super picky with drawing him haha, he just doesn't turn out the way I want him to. xD

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        Riiiiight? His design is so simple, but it just doesn't work well when trying to replicate that kind of style. For me, anyway. Then again, I haven't tried in a few years, so maybe I should again.

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          speaking of style, these are rad yoshis: http://melodic-death-ookami.deviantart.com/art/Yoshi-Parade-349229124 I'm yet not sure how to reconcile being on-model AND trying to draw in my own style, so to speak because feebly trying to emulate original art simply isn't cutting it for me! xD

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            Daaaaaang I love those. So expressive and their style does it so much justice.

            And nah, I feel you completely, because I have the same issues (just usually with different things).

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    Eee, I love this watermelon-nosed dinosaur <3