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Splash (2012) Reference Sheet by Splash

Splash (2012) Reference Sheet


Apparently I never actually uploaded this reference to my gallery! It has been in the character page for Splash but since I'm hoping to make an actual non-suit reference for her at some point I'm uploading this into my main gallery.
The original sketch for this reference that was used for my Critter Factory fursuit was drawn in 2012 and was later touched up to what you see here in 2013.

From the original upload:

For Splash drawings, things I'm flexible on:
- Number of fingers / toes (4 vs 5)
- Dewclaw on/off feet
- Eyebrows vs eye spots
- Style of head fluff
- Size of neck fluff
- If stripes on face are "connected" to the eye
- Fluffiness of tail
- Female vs androgynous appearance