Jedaiah Ref by spiralofvertigo

Jedaiah Ref


17 December 2016 at 01:57:18 MST

This is Jedaiah he’s a member of an avian like alien race called the Ziek'ah. (zeek-ah) They were nearly hunted to extinction by the Crypth.

They live behind waterfalls and the most important job to their people is casket making. They make funeral garb; caskets and all kind of mournful things for other races too. Death is a big part of their society; they are obsessed with it and they embrace it.

When they come of age they receive their mourning robes which they wear most of the time and take very good care of.

Jedaiah ACTUALLY HAS TWO ARMS I just lobbed one off to show some details on his body.

This particular Zeik’ah lives in the desert and is a bit of a recluse. He makes prayer charms and sells them in bulk to Zed’lak traders.

The Crypth and Zeik’ah are mortal enemies and are the reason that the Zeik’ah race have so little land to work with. They were drove back by them and hunted for hundreds of years until a later Crypth Matriarch promised that would end.

These guys reside with mee