Underwater Combat Unit: N.O.A.H. - A-06 / A-13 Lynx by spikedpunch

Underwater Combat Unit: N.O.A.H. - A-06 / A-13 Lynx


27 March 2015 at 20:13:51 MDT

reated to answer the call of the Cosmic Heavens military for a new class of heavier combat avatars to replace the Lepus and Vulpecula, the A-06 Lynx was submitted by Empyrean Heavy Industries for review by the acquisition choirs along with the Shehaqim Corporation's A-07 Lupus. Picking up where the Vulpecula had previously set the bar, the Lynx is a much more faster and more maneuverable than its smaller cousin, while carrying a revised assortment of new armaments. The power plant output is nearly doubled, feeding the two massive “Quick Silver” turbines on its back to propel it through space at high speed.
Unfortunately, the Lynx suffered several setbacks when a design flaw in its thruster assembly was exposed during performance testing that sealed its fate. When the machine approaches the high end of its maximum thruster output, the thrusters had a tendency to go into an uncontrollable overload and cause the machine to disintegrate due to the great strain. The source of the problem was never truly isolated, and this flaw in its design lead to it being not selected for production.

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