Underwater Combat Unit: N.O.A.H. - A-01 Lepus by spikedpunch

Underwater Combat Unit: N.O.A.H. - A-01 Lepus


27 March 2015 at 20:05:01 MDT

Developed from the AX-01 Lepus test model by Shehaqim Manufacturing Solutions under contract with the Cosmic Heavens to produce a functional combat machine for use in the expected new battlefield environment. Highly adaptable and maneuverable, the Lepus was adopted publicly into service by the then fledgling military forces of the Cosmic Heavens to demonstrate their core philosophies and to further develop the concept of anthropomorphic machines. It's main attributes were its simple layout and controls, along with its modular construction that allowed it to be easily maintained by ship crews and the limited facilities available to them. All of its weapons were hand held and easily replaceable, even when in combat. And with its high speed and maneuverability, it can close in with its target and deliver its attacks. It may have been small, and not able to carry much heavier weapons, but it was a popular machine with its pilots who trained with them. Many would continue to fight in the same machines that they started with despite their becoming obsolete very early in the war.

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