December 2018-2019 Commissions by SpiderMilkshake

December 2018-2019 Commissions


12 December 2018 at 13:18:26 MST

:D About time I posted an updated sheet which I hope will be convenient for everyone's reference. I'm in need of more illustration work as some emergency expenses has my accounts in a slump at the end of this year.

My Rates

Sketches are affordable, simple art usually just done in graphite pencil, that have a rapid turnaround and low price. Good if you need concept art, a simple illustration without color, or just prefer some art with a pencil-sketch look. Can be saved to be worked on in stages (adding ink and color, or adding digital layers) when the difference in price is made up.
PRICE: $5.00 USD per character. No additional charges for background work.

Inked artwork is cleanly lined, and may or may not involve crosshatched or inkwash shading at your discretion. They're also quick to finish and look bangin' as illustrations for books.
PRICE: $8.00 USD per character. No additional charges for background work.

Digital artwork available for commissions is done in a cel-shaded and lined style which works well as game art, character inserts, book illustrations, or just as character transparencies for personal use.
PRICE: $10.00 USD per character, add $8.00 charge for detailed backgrounds.

I offer two distinct styles of traditional fully-colored and polished artwork: Lined and colored, or a lineless, realistic style. In the lined and colored style ink linework is colored using either colored pencil or watercolor media or a mixture and is optimal for a more cartoon illustration. The realistic lineless style can be drawn in colored pencil, pastels, or be an outright painting in watercolor or acrylic (a mixture is also possible) and can lean more stylized for fantastical illustrations or be more true-to-life for portrait work and natural illustrations. Prices for these styles differ!
PRICE (Lined and colored): $15.00 USD per character, add $10.00 charge for detailed background.
PRICE (Lineless, realistic): $20.00 USD per character, add $10.00 charge for detailed background.

I require payment in advance--I am willing to compromise and accept down payments for projects costing over $100.00, and am willing to take half-payments in advance for people on tighter budgets. I accept payment primarily with Paypal, and will also accept money order through post (keep in mind I cannot begin work until I have proof of payment this way).

Rarely I will have points-only specials open on my main page, advertised through forums and my journal. Currently I am not offering these as I am short on money and need work that pays.

As always, be sure to ask if you are unsure if I would draw what you have in mind. Below is a shortlist of will-do/won't-dos:

Will do: Fantasy, anthro, human, animal, botanical and fungi, modern settings, natural settings, tasteful nudity, pinups, mechanical subjects, monster and creature concepts, conceptual horror, battle scenes (light blood only), consensual romance scenes (no explicit work).

Won't do: Illegal subjects, explicit NSFW content, explicit fetish content, gore/guro, objectification of minorities/racist/sexist/transphobic or transmisogynistic content (this includes "chaser/appreciator" BS).