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The Difference by SpiderMilkshake

The Difference


XD Harfhorf, some more of m' fanbrain AU non-canon nice-o-verse BS from me. I do this with things--just smile and nod.

I enjoy Alternate Universe fanon because I am very confident in the idea of choice defining us. The idea that the difference between an evil man and a good man is in what actions they decide to make, and what intent they act from. While all manner of error, ignorance, mistakes, unintended consequences and emotions are possible to all people regardless of their moral standing--what they've done, how they've done it, and why are the things that define a person's goodness and evilness.

<w<; "Nice-Szayel", when compared to the canon Szayel, is pretty illustrative of this potential in all people. It's intriguing to flesh out. I see them as coming from the same place. I characterize this alternate universe version of Szayel being equally as hindered by ignorant beliefs, indoctrination, and untreated mental illness in life as his canon counterpart. However, somewhere along the way there was a vast difference, one that can be traced back entirely to him choosing good actions and good intentions (something the canon Szayel is... uh... extremely unfamiliar with to say the least! XD).

I haven't done much but outline the early years of being an Arrancar for most of the nice-o-verse Espada, but this illustration is roughly about that. And a Lumina 'n Verona appearance! ^u^ Sometime after the first meeting of these three, and the difference really shows. The alternative--the canon "first meeting"--doesn't really bear thinking about.

besides Arrancar cuddles are far cuter XD