A Monster You Can Believe In by SpiderMilkshake

A Monster You Can Believe In


18 August 2017 at 22:13:09 MDT

^w^ He's large and made mostly of polyester fiber. He doesn't hide under beds (can't fit XD), but sometimes hangs out in the closet if its roomy enough. He likes giving and receiving hugs, and eats mostly nightmares, sometimes snacking on positive thought. During the day he sleeps, staying still in whatever room he's stored in; draw the curtains and turn out any lights and he might wake up. At night he wanders around seeking out sleepers. Sometimes wakened children (or kids staying up late to continue playing) befriend him. Once he's your pal he loves you forever. Thankfully, he doesn't shed though he may need to be mended once in a while. Sleeping within a short distance of him tends to inspire good dreams and take away negative ones. No one knows exactly how this fluffy beast came to life, where he came from, or who (if anyone) was responsible for creating him.

^u^ Made some sketches of this guy and started coloring them up. Plush-monster (that learned Dream-eater! XD)!

.>u< Don't you wish you had a plush this hyooj??? 8D I do!