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Distracted Flying--aka 'Operation Duckie' by SpiderMilkshake

Distracted Flying--aka 'Operation Duckie'


.>u<; The great Blum has made many a joke about the Sturscram's experiences... some sillier than others.

This is one of the supremely silly ones. 8D And guest-stars a certain knock-out Decepticon doctor! X3c A quick sketchcomic detailing the incident now know between the two bots as "Operation Duckie", involving a literal lucky duck and a moment's lapse in attention while flying. XD Alternate mode anatomy is a little weird, and those big air intakes link up to everything... fuel intake included.

Enjoy giggling at Scrimscram's defensive touchiness as he tries not to giggle at a duck flapping around in him, and Doc Knock can't stop getting smart while figuring out a way to extract le birdy. 8D