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Satis-scream [Tame Robo-Stuffing+G/t Silliness X3] by SpiderMilkshake

Satis-scream [Tame Robo-Stuffing+G/t Silliness X3]


4 May 2017 at 17:58:25 MDT

XD A little visual from a part of chapter three of my non-vore fanfic... Chapter's not even revised all the way yet and I'm already illustrating. >u<;

Shortly after Alexis manages to extract some energon supplies from a vault (with an infuriatingly too-small entrance for Sturscram :3). He has... gone slightly overboard but considering he was starving to death I think his greed is forgivable.

.>w<; Still, he coulda excused himself. Scrimscram, where are your manners??? You've startled every pigeon in a three-block radius! XD