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And What Am I Meant to Do With You? by SpiderMilkshake

And What Am I Meant to Do With You?


2 February 2017 at 19:35:37 MST

X3c Yep. More Prime-scream. Because he's hella fun to draw and hella interesting character. I adore this grumpy, rebellious aft.

But remember Armada? :3c I do. I liked it, even though it did suffer a similar campiness to G1... nothing wrong with that. Armada 'Screamer is about the nicest he's ever got in any canon material. Some didn't like his quick turns of loyalty, but he really played out like an individual of conflicted interests, which is a common "Scream-theme". XD Actual character development happened--with a character that had both the capacity for good stuff and big ole flaws, something that's rare to see especially in series originally made for kids.

And also... hooooomens!! Armada had some good hoomen characters, similar to Prime (but all the kids had a few extra "annoyingness" pins added XD) who were much more than just watcher-insert slots. Gee, I wonder who my favorite Armada human was? X3c Probably is also Starscream's... Alexis. Alexis Thi Dang--she a strong, independent teenage girl, who don't need no man!!! (but is stuck dealing with a gaggle of much more reckless, naïve doofs anyways... XD) She actually has a ton in common with most Starscreams... obviously not the "shoots missiles at you" part, but the ambitious nature, healthy sense of self-preservation, and capacity for grump (and terrible luck XD).

And what did this leave me with? XD A Prime version of Alexis--and a Prime Starscream. ^u^; Screamers is... still not too accustomed to interacting with humans. He's getting better! >u<; She is helping by being, uh, actually nice to him. ("Wh--what is this? Is this nice? I don't know about this, I've never seen it before... O_o' )

Media: Ink doodle, grumpy confused robutt, awesome lassie, and default G/t. XD