Songbird Chorus--Framed by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

Songbird Chorus--Framed (critique requested)


27 December 2016 at 02:09:34 MST

^u^/ Mom don't have a Deviantart or FA or Weasyl account, so since I finished her gift this year I thought I'd post it up (because I be proud of my tall-panorama of birds X3).

A Christmas present for my mother. She loves songbirds. Her favorites are cardinals, goldfinches, chickadees, and the odd woodpecker and siskin that comes by. XD I just picked the three most common visitors to her birdfeeders and made a colored pencil art of them.

While it is winter drawing this, I figured a more ambiguous "early-ish autumn" look would work better throughout the year. ^u^ I also got it in a little poplar frame so she doesn't have to worry about displaying it safely. It a strang frame with pretty grain. XD

Art itself is 4x10 inches, with the frame bumping it up to 6x12 inches. Christmaaaaaaaas..!