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Baby Bird-scream by SpiderMilkshake

Baby Bird-scream


ARRRGH... DA did that thing that it does seemingly once a month for me... completely breaks to the point of being useless. Can't comment, can't reply, can't get to my messages, and can't do the most important thing, post freakin' art and stuff!! So super glad to find it's stopped doing that just now. DX

... well then... <w<;

Appropriately enough, my first submission to Deviantart after my unwilling hiatus from it is a lovely image of a babu Screamer expressing the same amount of "I WANT IT. GIMME" I have been experiencing lately... XD

Baby Cybertronians really like that ener-jello. X'3c And baby bird jokes are irresistible when grumpy Seekers as bebs are involved.