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Commission--Minicon Endo, Meet Nommish Snek by SpiderMilkshake

Commission--Minicon Endo, Meet Nommish Snek


<u<; Endo loves his job! And he's perfectly happy to detail the finer points of purposely getting eaten... even while he's doing so. XD

Dis a commission for GluttonyVores, in DA Points! ^u^/ I put most of my drawing time on this one today and I'm super glad it got finished up nice! ouo; Hope ya like it! I lurve it X3c

^^ Endo (the little one X3) is my own character~
8D And Gluttony is of course Gluttony. Copyright GluttonyVores Yeeeeees~


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    omg you draw gluttony so well im screamin