--And a Nice Interior! by SpiderMilkshake

--And a Nice Interior!


3 July 2016 at 23:54:40 MDT

X3c It's a car joke! Or a plane joke... if anyone's rich enough here to go shopping for... planes... >u<;

Well then... More Cybertronian omnoms... this just some internal doodlies. Somebody dun been et by a robutt. XD And now there's a tank--along with all kinds of squishy... metallic... robot innards. X3c And a lil glowy energon. Never wanna be out of energon. Really "lights up" any interior space... ba-dum-tish

Hmmm... as to who's robot-y guts these are... well, I was looking at the earlier minicon-Starscream nom comic, so it looks a lot like I drew his insidey parts. X3c Though most tanks probably look quite similar. No matter the capacity or things it do, e'rybody (who is a robot) has a fuel tank!

@.@ Lotsa little... robot-y gut parts... little valves and coils of cord-y things... and shiny bits... and seams and plating bits and... just lotsa stuff in giant sentient alien robot things... XD You thought your Ikea furniture was complicated!

Unnnnnh... dangit... No longer feel too good about this one. Scraps it is. >_<