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Wildflower by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

Wildflower (critique requested)


^u^ Here is some non-fanart I've done more recently--some expressive inkwash drawing. Fleurs.

Ink, water, brushes, salt. 7x10 inches. :D I like this one!

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    This is super pretty, is it a study (in an expressive style)? The way the leaves and stem fade off look a little abstracted for it, but it's a lovely composition. I think you have a couple small artifacts in the upper right corner, and a few scattered about that you might want to take a look at before printing, if they aren't on the piece.

    I like the soft, shadowy grass, the negative sky, and the afterimage of the flower. The leaves are rather subtle against the grass, though, and especially with their frondy expression blend in a bit; and it looks like only one of them is casting a noticeable shadow. Not sure how intentional this is.

    Did have to look up what expressive/expressivism meant in terms of art. Not sure I have it quite right, but enjoyment of work in that style seems like it might benefit to include an artist's statement - about the emotions you are seeking to capture and convey, help people connect with why you painted this. It doesn't seem like the sort of style meant to work with a 'death of the author' style of interpretation. :)

    As it is, painting a flower in monochrome gives me a sense of contradiction and melancholic beauty; taking something we admire in large part for its color and communicating the facets of its character that we might overlook. It seems like that was enough to capture my attention; I'd like to know more.