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TFP Stuff--Skywarp, Nacelle and Hotlink by SpiderMilkshake

TFP Stuff--Skywarp, Nacelle and Hotlink


:D Some quick doodles of TFP-ish designs for some headcanony stuff and writing stuff. ^u^; And I loves me some Seekers, sooooo... lotsa Seeker drawings. XD

Skywarp you all have seen me draw before. :D But here he is being a bit grumpus, probably because the lass next to him outranks him a lot and his buddy Thundercracker's not on this row. XD

Middle one is Nacelle, who was in the Aligned novels but an extremely minor character... as Starscream's first officer during the war. I've turned ambiguous not-terribly-important character robot into a lady Seeker, quite high-ranking in the Seeker ranks. Because there really need to be more important and balanced female transformer characters. I hope she turned out looking quite badass. :3c

Then we got poor lil youngster Hotlink. He didn't do so well in the Aligned novels, really undeserved fate and all (I mean, he was a Decepticon, but he never really did much bad at all... and he seemed quite a young Seeker who mostly just liked to do engineer stuff.). So I supposed this character would really appear much in anything written I do... unless in past stuff and flashbacks. ^u^ Aww, but he looks so peppy and adorbs here, all hopping around and annoying the superiors... X3

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